If you want to use the Niwa Grow Hub above the allotted amperage of 15A, you can manage lamp controllers such as the Titan Controls Helios or the AutoPilot 4-Light HID Controller that are triggered externally. There are different types of lamp controllers and external controllers, so if you have a question before using one with the Niwa Grow Hub, please send a note to support@getniwa.com. You can also use external contactor relays that would be triggered by the Niwa Grow Hub, but this requires electrical knowledge. 

Customer Example: I have three lights total; two (2) 380W LEDs and one (1) 315 CMH Ballast Light.

Answer: The Niwa Grow Hub has a max power of 10A per outlet and 15A in total for the four. This means a max power of 1200W per outlet (1800W for the 4), so if you have 380W + 380W +315W you are at 1075W total, hence theoretically are under the limit. The problem might be the CMH ballast, as they usually draw way more power at startup ("inrush power"). This configuration is close to the maximum handled by the Niwa Grow Hub, so we would recommend using a quality surge protector at 10A (The MAX handled by one Niwa Grow Hub outlet). When having multiple powerful lights, the best way to go is with a dedicated Light controller (Example here). Those controllers are connected directly to the outlet and they can be triggered by any external device, such as the Niwa Grow Hub.