WARNING: A) If the pump runs dry it may be destroyed. B) When filling your water reservoir, make sure the pump connector is not immersed in water and always unplug your unit before removing the water reservoir.

Step 1 (Adding nutrients)

Now you will need to add nutrients for your seeds to germinate. Let’s start by adding 4ml of Plagron Hydro A solution + 4ml of Plagron Hydro B solution. Use a syringe to measure and to add the right quantity of nutrients.

We recommend this brand as is the one we have tested successfully, anyway any other liquid nutrients with two components and this composition: A = 5-0-2; B = 2-5-9 should work. You can follow the directions you will find in the bottles.

Step 2 (Preparing your Rockwool)

Take the Rockwool and remove the transparent plastic cover completely off. The next step is to make sure your Rockwool gets completely soaked. To do so, your pump will work continuously in 15 minutes during the first phase of your program.

It will be better and faster if you pour the watering solution (i.e. water + nutrients) directly over your Rockwool. To do so, you can prepare the watering solution (4 liters of water + 4ml of Plagron Hydro A solution + 4ml of Plagron Hydro B solution) in a bottle and pour it over the Rockwool carefully. 

NIWA NOTE: Make sure your water reservoir is installed as the excess of water will go to the reservoir and be careful of not getting your sensors wet!! 

Step 3 (Soaking your Rockwool)

Now you can start running the first stage of your growing program. In order for your pump to water your Rockwool for a few more hours, make sure there is water in the reservoir! You will then see your Niwa watering and the app will display the question “Is your Rockwool moist?”

Step 4 (Planting your seeds)

Now that your Rockwool is completely soaked it is time to plant your seeds! The fun begins now! To do so, use your own finger to make a hole 1 cm to ½ inch deep into your Rockwool where you will plant your seeds and cover them with a thin layer of vermiculite. Make sure your seeds are located close to the drippers. 

NIWA NOTE: We suggest laying out your drippers, selecting your seed location, and then distribute your drippers evenly on the Rockwool. You can even use a toothpick to mark the seed locations.

Step 5 (Completing Rockwool preparation)

Next, it’s time to give your seeds some love! On your Niwa app, select the green checkmark below the question, “Is your Rockwool moist?” You will then begin your journey through the circle of life, and remember, each grow stage will have a set of To-Do tasks. 

Step 6 (Germination of seeds)

Lastly, confirm you want to move forward by selecting“yes”. You will see your stage move forward to the next stage and your pump will stop (if its running). Please take into account your Niwa needs to be connected to WiFi (the LED indicator light will show a breathing white light) to perform this step.

For the next days, your Niwa will maintain a consistent temperature and it will not water or turn on the light. Pay attention, your seeds will germinate in 2-5 days (depending on the variety) and you will then move forward to the next stage!

NIWA NOTE: Always keep an eye on your To-Do list. It’s where you will find what nutrient solution you have to use and advice on how to care for your plants!