Niwa Assembly

  • Place your Niwa One on an even and solid surface.
  • Do not place any object on top of your Niwa One.
  • Place your Niwa One close to your Internet WiFi router.
  • Prevent the power cord from being walked on or pinched.
  • Make sure you don’t pinch any cable or hose during the Niwa One assembly.
  • Only use the LED lamps provided by us for our system. Other LED lamps will damage the system even if they fit. 
  • Make sure you are connecting your Niwa One to the correct voltage, check your Niwa One input label on the leg. Niwa One only works in the voltage specified in the label. Be aware if you move to a different country.
  • Make sure all connectors are firmly connected and closed before connecting your Niwa One to power. Do not force any of the connectors, all of them have only one possible way to be connected, take a look to the connector pins before connecting them. 
  • Niwa One should be used indoors only. Protect it from rain or outdoor climate conditions.
  • Niwa One is more efficient when placed close to a sunlight source in a warm room (15ºC to 25ªC; 60ºF to 75ºF).

Planting Preparation

  • Do not put soil in your Niwa One system. It will clog your drippers and damage the water pump.
  • Do not put solid fertilizer into the system, only use liquid fertilizers. The Niwa system is for hydroponics, solid fertilizers could harm the drippers and water pump.
  • Only put water & liquid fertilizers in your Niwa One’s water reservoir, nothing else as it will damage the drippers and pump. 
  • Wear gloves when unpacking, handling, and planting with Rockwool in the growing bed. Never cut or manipulate the Rockwool, for the fibers are harmful to the lungs, eyes, and skin. 
  • Prevent kids from handling, unpacking, and planting with the Rockwool. 

Water Reservoir

  • Do not put water anywhere other than in the water reservoir or in the growing bed eventually (i.e. during the first watering cycle).
  • Make sure not to add too much water to the growing bed. The excess water goes to the water reservoir and can create overfill and/or water will spill out.

Growing Period (when grow program is on)

  • Please make sure your water reservoir never runs completely dry when running a growing program or when plugged in. Doing so can damage your pump and would void the warranty. 
  • Do not cover your Niwa One unit, especially the ventilation openings on the windows and on top of the system.
  • Do not overfill the water reservoir. Always leave 1 inch or 3 cm free so you can handle the reservoir without spilling water.

Safety Awareness

  • Do not operate the unit without the LED installed, open connections are dangerous!
  • Be aware that your Niwa One has a heating system in the growing bed, in red, and depending on the settings and plant needs the heater will be connected in order to control the growing chamber temperature. Please Note: the heater gets hot, so please do not touch when plugged in, especially for kids. 
  • Do not use metallic or sharp tools in Niwa. Be very careful to avoid damaging the heating system or any cables within the entire Niwa unit.
  • If you see any cables or any piece of the rubber protection in the heating system damaged, disconnect your Niwa One from the power outlet immediately and contact 
  • Niwa One is not to be used by children unless under the direct supervision of an adult.

General Maintenance

  • Disconnect your Niwa from power before removing the water reservoir and disconnect the pump when you’re cleaning your reservoir. 
  • Don’t expose your Niwa system to excessive moisture, dust, heat, liquid, or naked flame.
  • The water used in Niwa is not drinkable.
  • Only use the Niwa for plants, no animals, or other items. Sorry, this will not work as an incubator for animals. 
  • Do not cover the vents (on the top piece) of your Niwa. It can risk causing a fire.
  • When storing or shipping the Niwa Unit; drain out all water from the reservoir, clean the grow chamber, and remove all plant material. Stagnant water or dried out plans will damage the system or cause mildew. 
  • Clean your produce. It is a recommended practice to clean your produce grown in Niwa prior to consumption. 
  • Don’t drop, hit, shake, or tumble your Niwa One.