1. Place the Niwa Sensors module somewhere inside your grow chamber protected from water. We recommend placing it close to the top where it can get light from the grow lamp (if available) and sense the temperature and relative humidity of your plants’ environment. Please note: Make sure the ventilation grid of your Niwa Sensors is not covered so light and environmental values can be measured properly. Protect the sensors’ cord from being damaged or cut.
  2. Place the Niwa Grow Hub, somewhere outside of your grow chamber protected from water spills or extremely humid conditions.
  3. Plug your different equipment (Fan, lamp, humidifier, dehumidifier, cooler, heater, or watering pump) into the Niwa Grow Hub configurable outlets and note to what outlet number you connected each device for later in app configuration. Please note: Only one outlet can be configured for each device type. For example, if you have two fans, you can only set one Niwa Grow Hub outlet for fan control.
    • CAUTION! Make sure the maximum total resistive load does not exceed 10A per outlet and 15A max in total for all four outlets
    • CAUTION! External lamp controllers must be used when operating high power grow lamps, those controllers can be triggered by the Niwa Grow Hub.
  4. Plug your Niwa Sensor into the Niwa Grow Hub.
    • CAUTION! Although it uses an USB plug, the Niwa Sensor must be connected to the Niwa Grow Hub only. 
  5. Plug your Niwa Grow Hub to a protected and grounded outlet.